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Belarus diary: One protester’s week on the streets in Minsk

Belarus diary: One protester’s week on the streets in Minsk

MOSCOW — On Aug. 9, Belarus announced election outcomes showing authoritarian chief Alexander Lukashenko winning reelection in a landslide, securing a sixth term after 26 years in vitality. That touched off a wave of protests as opposition groups and Western governments denounced the returns as rigged.

One protester, 17-300 and sixty five days-extinct Konstantin Karnei, shared with The Washington Put up his accounts of one week on the streets of Minsk amid the most serious ache to Lukashenko’s rule. These are his observations as told to The Put up, and evenly edited for dimension and clarity:

Sunday, Aug. 9, Election Day:

I met some mates round 7 p.m. to transfer allege alongside Minsk’s principal aspect dual carriageway. However riot police were lively of us as quickly as we got there, so we ran to obtain far flung from them. There used to be this constant sound of autos honking their horn, supporting us.

We sooner or later ended up in front of a nearby browsing mall with diversified protesters. They were chanting, “Lukashenko, streak away!” When a busload of security forces sooner or later came there, too, we made up our minds to lock fingers in a sequence. They were yelling at us, threatening to beat and abolish us. One policeman started beating the man upright next to me alongside with his baton.

My female friend grabbed my hand and pulled me away. We were running after we heard three blasts within the distance, which I later understood were the stun grenades. In every single affirm we walked, there were badly injured of us within the streets who acknowledged they’d been overwhelmed by the police. Some hadn’t even been protesting. They were correct within the execrable affirm at the execrable time.

We known as for an ambulance to abet one man, however it acknowledged it couldn’t be there for an hour attributable to there were so many injured of us.

It’s onerous to even level to how I used to be feeling. It used to be provoking to gape the violence, as if it used to be a battle zone. However seeing the crowds of of us within the center of the city, all united in one motive, you actually feel fancy there’s of challenge to grab and of challenge to interchange issues.

Aug. 10:

I asked my mates to transfer allege with me every other time, however a good deal of them were unnerved. Shouldn’t the police be holding us in its do of injuring us?

Along with three mates, I joined a community of protesters in front of a store shut to my dwelling. It used to be restful. We were correct chanting, “Alive Belarus.” However then some particular forces officers arrived and started throwing stun grenades in our route to ruin up the crowd.

I yelled at my mates, “Return to the auto!” We hid there.

Of us were yelling at the police: “We are from Belarus, why are you doing this to us?”

At the end of the day, when my female friend and I were walking dwelling, a police bus stopped shut to us. She used to be carrying a white bracelet — a ticket of enhance for the opposition. I told her to take it off to no longer provoke them, to no longer flee. They left us by myself.

We got dwelling round 1 a.m., however I couldn’t sleep. Every jiffy, you might also hear the sound of grenades going off initiate air.

Aug. 11:

I seen the video [opposition leader Svetlana] Tikhanovskaya released that told Belarusans to end protesting. However all of us knew she didn’t indicate it, that she’d been compelled into reading these phrases. Presumably they threatened her kids or her husband, who’s in detention heart.

However after two days of violence on the streets, this used to be the day that I began to lose hope. A minimum of we tried, upright?

My oldsters and I bought bandages and diversified clinical provides to lift to protesters on the streets. We drove at some level of the city for 3 hours, paying attention to the do police were stationed and then notifying the opposition media so they’ll even simply warn others.

Hundreds of young Belarusans fancy me feel fancy we don’t have a future here if Lukashenko stays in vitality. However I fancy my nation, and I don’t need to immigrate to in diversified locations to have a wiser lifestyles. I need to have that in Belarus.

Aug. 12:

Belarus owes so extra special to our women. The opposition motion used to be fronted by three women — Tikhonovskaya, Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo. And on for the time being, it used to be women who helped end the violence of the protests.

Females carrying white joined fingers and fashioned a protracted “cohesion chain” alongside the Minsk streets. It used to be to condemn all of the police violence against protesters.

My mother and female friend were on this chain. My father and I waited in a nearby automobile in case the peril turned violent and we desired to obtain away hasty. However the chain stood for roughly two hours — the first ticket of hope that we can even portray peacefully.

Aug. 13:

My oldsters and I visited a sanatorium to lift food to injured protesters. There used to be a crowd initiate air chanting, “Thanks,” to the clinical group.

We met one other protester, Kirill, while there. He had been arrested steady by the protests, and then he used to be overwhelmed while detained at the Okrestina detention heart with accidents so rotten that he had to be hospitalized. His skull used to be fractured. And he thinks he got fortunate attributable to being moved to the sanatorium intended he used to be spared more torture.

Kirill told us about how the authorities at the detention heart acknowledged they suspect they’re saving the nation from these which can even very well be paid by foreign governments to allege. It sounds so tedious, however presumably the police have actually been resulted in imagine that.

I believe listening to so many accounts fancy Kirill’s correct made the allege motion stronger attributable to Belarusans seen what this authorities used to be doing to its enjoy of us.

Aug. 14:

Most of my mates were too haunted to allege on the streets, however they acknowledged they couldn’t correct sit down at dwelling doing nothing.

A couple brought food and clinical provides to my dwelling, so we brought that to a diversified sanatorium. Seeing all of the injured of us, protesters who acknowledged they’d spent days in detention heart with 50 of us in one cell, used to be so provoking.

While I used to be at the sanatorium, I quiet the names and discuss to knowledge of the injured of us there attributable to my family knows some lawyers who’ve equipped to abet them obtain justice freed from ticket. They want to abet of us battling for our freedom.

After a pair days without listening to from her, Tikhanovskaya released one other video announcing that we can even simply restful allege peacefully at some level of the nation over the weekend. I continuously knew that she’d be inspire. Everyone in Belarus did.

Aug. 15:

The first time I attended a allege against Lukashenko, I used to be 15 years extinct. However that didn’t compare to this, seeing tens of thousands of of us on the streets of Minsk.

Saturday’s demonstration felt fancy a festival. There used to be no violence. Females were coming up to the protection officials and handing them flowers or hugging them attributable to they made no transfer to disperse us. There used to be even free water. The mood felt nearly delighted, fancy a social gathering finally that we’d endured steady by the week.

We went and laid flowers at a memorial by the Pushkinskaya metro blueprint for a protester, Alexander Taraikovsky, who used to be killed on Aug. 10 steady by the crackdown by police. It used to be a reminder of what we’d already lost steady by this fight, and why we can’t stop.

Aug. 16:

I’d never viewed so many folk on the streets of Minsk. I heard it used to be larger than 200,000, the most effective allege in our nation’s historical previous.

One chilly component used to be seeing what number of folk from the LGBTQ community were at this rally. They had rainbow flags draped round their shoulders attributable to they weren’t haunted fancy they were earlier below the Lukashenko regime.

The older period restful remembers the Soviet Union, when there used to be even much less freedom. They imagine on this motion, however presumably they’re no longer believing that something will switch yet. However for kids, we’ve lived our complete lives below Lukashenko. It’s sufficient.

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