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Carolyn Hax: With traffic initiating to fade city, what’s her next switch?

Carolyn Hax: With traffic initiating to fade city, what’s her next switch?


Pricey Carolyn: I are living in D.C. I love it right here. My husband and I are each and each gainfully employed — no longer our dream jobs, but jobs that are extra correct than nefarious — my family is right here, I bought an condominium in a neighborhood I revel in.

Now, 5 years out of undergrad, my D.C. traffic have all moved remote from D.C.

I consistently heard this became a transient city, but now I’m genuinely feeling it. My traffic and their necessary others are off to contemporary jobs, contemporary commutes, contemporary adventures. I’m serene right here, doing gleaming grand exactly what I in fact had been doing since school. And — I love it! But I’m lacking my neighborhood and connection, and also feeling love the final one on the handsome. It makes me feel lame or dreary for no longer having a extra dynamic existence or contemporary “news” to portion.

I’ve never concept that you might want to additionally fair serene switch to tear traffic — switch since you in fact love the tell you might want to well well be engaging to and the stuff you might want to well well be doing there. But perchance that thought is inaccurate? Any advice for this out of the ordinary transitory time?

— Closing One on the Magnificent

Closing One on the Magnificent: Hit upon yourself as being first on the next handsome. Transience technique other folks you care about switch away, yes, but it and not utilizing a doubt also technique contemporary other folks are continually arriving, hoping their contemporary neighborhood will be friendly.

Your communities and connections will develop again ought to you nurture them with effort and with the energy of liking your neighborhood enough to uncover its contemporary other folks around. It obtained’t all creep to shatter when these other folks change into the next to fade. D.C. is transient but being in a single’s 20s is extra so, I’d argue — so the extra time you utilize in any given tell, the extra you’ll look there’s a inhabitants that comes and goes, and a inhabitants that stays put. If the churn genuinely bothers you, then cease fair a shrimp analysis and fetch a neighborhood that has lower than well-liked turnover.

Within the interim, there are completely different ways no longer to be dreary than to switch remote from a tell you revel in — love finding out and doing contemporary things, and having adventures that raise you again dwelling on the tip.


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