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Chef Marcus Samuelsson teams up with Chronicle Digital to open Venture Bento fundraising platform

Chef Marcus Samuelsson teams up with Chronicle Digital to open Venture Bento fundraising platform

Within the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as effectively because the ongoing protests for racial justice, people occupy been attempting for hundreds of strategies to make a contribution, which in turn has led tech companies to open fresh aspects and campaigns.

Now there’s a brand fresh fundraising platform known as Venture Bento, created by chef and restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson (finest identified because the chef at the aid of Red Rooster Harlem), Derek Evans (CEO of the Marcus Samuelsson Community) and the group at Chronicle Digital (a startup developing instruments for reviewers, cooks and completely different specialists to submit sigh and catch a following).

Samuelsson told me that he’d already been working with Chronicle Digital to produce a presence on the platform. Then he talked about Harlem Serves Up, this year’s version of the annual Harlem EatUp competition — Samuelsson and his group reinvented the tournament all the method thru the pandemic as as a fundraising telethon for nonprofits preventing meals insecurity.

Nonetheless, Samuelsson stated that once he surveyed the alternate choices on hand to defend watch over the online fundraising, he wasn’t rather pleased with any of the on hand alternate choices.

Project Bento

Image Credits: Venture Bento

“We occupy been thinking very worthy about our desires — what occupy been we constructing, how fabricate we need customers to do essentially the most of it,” he stated.

So the Chronicle Digital group ended up constructing Venture Bento in seven or eight weeks, on high of the startup’s original platform. Chronicle CEO Samir Arora stated that along with allowing nonprofits to earn funds (without needing to pay a platform charge), submit sigh, promote on social media and discover their campaigns, the platform additionally involves instruments for managing sponsorships and matching donors.

The rapid constructing, Samuelsson stated, modified into a excellent demonstration of “what entrepreneurship is.” To this level, Venture Bento has been aged to raise bigger than $350,000 for Harlem Serves Up, as effectively as $4.8 million for the Venture Bento Fund (which Arora described as a “fully fresh nonprofit whose motive is to produce matching funds” for campaigns on the platform).

There are several completely different campaigns are residing already, as effectively as links to employee reduction fundraisers on completely different platforms, but Venture Bento is additionally accepting functions from completely different nonprofits that want to fundraise on the platform. Samuelsson stated he wants the online method to be a shriek that might perchance perhaps bring hundreds of these campaigns together.

“There are communities now not ethical in Harlem, but all over the nation, that need a campaign, they’ve to connect,” Samuelsson stated. “[Project Bento] will proceed because that need, raising money and connecting a neighborhood, will proceed.”

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